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We look forward to having you join our family of runners.

Whether your goal is to move from the couch to your first 5km 🏃, improve your health, or take on your umpteenth Ultra, everyone is welcome 👪 . This one page has it all… steps to follow, prices, checklists, Q&A. 🏃‍♀️

In General the process is as follows. As a South African, to run in road races etc, you need to be a member of a club. In order to join a club, you first need to Register with ASA – Athletics South Africa. This applies to cycling, running, triathlon etc. So first step register with ASA – links below. Then you join our happy club. We are a non profit entity. All our committee members are free volunteers so please don’t abuse them too much 😂😂 . All our fees go to pay your annual licence to ASA and to pay for small club activities – activities that make us a club. So while we ask for a annual fee those fees come back to you as a member and help to keep the club members glued together.

This year we will use some of the fees to employ one person part time, to manage and help you with your registration process as well as admin the club through the year. That person will also handle our activities, the club calendar and in general keep our heads in formed as to the activities of the club.

All New and existing members, you will need an ASA Licence for each new year, which will be issued and sold directly by the Club.🥇 If you haven’t already registered with ASA (Athletics South Africa) then, please register . or 👇🏻 Update/Check your information here: . You only register once BUT each year you must make sure your details are correct and print out your forms to be sent to us. 👇🏻 Once you have successfully signed in, click on Edit my details. Ensure that you have completed and updated all the necessary fields. Existing members, please confirm your address, contact and emergency information. (Please this is vital that it is accurate.) 👇🏻 Click on Save – you should see Successfully updated in green at the top of the page. 👇🏻 Do not leave this page just yet. Click on the green button that says, Member Form. Print this form. Check the details carefully and then sign the form. (We need a copy of this every year please.) Then you are done with the ASA website.

ASA  Licensing Form PDF
Its better to Login to ASA and print your personalized form as its already complete, just download, save it, check it and upload to us.☝️

Century City Athletic Club indemnity form.
Every year we have to get signed copies of these please. We have to keep them on file.☝️

Everyone needs to register/update every year please. You will need to check your ASA details and upload new records to the club every year. So the registration process is for everyone not just new members.
Registering is a process where you put in your name and email address as well as your ID Number. We use this info to uniquely identify you. Once identified we will email you a QR Code token. When you get the email you click the Token or Scan the QR 🈵 and it will take you to your profile. This is a security feature so that you don’t need passwords to login to your profile.
Please update all the information so we have it on hand to make your club experience better.
Please note, this is an unmanned site. Periodically we will login to check users details. Once you are completed, your details are on file.

Please upload your forms as well as your proof of payment to the website here.
We need all your info up to date and the latest copies of your forms.
Make sure the file name of your form shows the year and what it contains
so for example like your indemnity form for  2024  save as file Smith_Indemnity_2024.pdf
You should have something like this

  • Smith_Indemnity_2024.pdf
  • Smith_ASA_2024.pdf
  • Smith_Payment_2024.pdf

Payment Methods:

EFT your membership payment to the details below or pay via Snapscan

Banking Details:

BranchCentury City / 192621
Account TypeBusiness/Checking
Account NameCentury City Athletics Club
or SURNAME_Clothing
Account Number1183365888

Please use your surname, and what you are paying for as your payment reference.

Example: Susan Kumalo wishing to run in the 2024 Athletics Year – Kumalo2024Mship

Licenses become available from Athletics SA during February. We order at the beginning of January but it takes them time to print and get the numbers to us. Please be patient, we will notify you when the licenses are ready for selection.

(Memberships are annual starting every January)💳 Please note it is important to make your payment with a clear reference so we know who it is for and what its for. e.g. E.Smith Fees
Category Membership Fee ASA License Fee Total
Single Adult Member (22 and older) 320 180 500
Adult Member + Spouse 400 180 + 180 760
Master (60 – 69) 120 180 300
Grand Master (70+) n/a 180 180
Student (under 22) 120 180 300
Junior (under 19) 100 50 150
Trail 320 n/a 320
Social 320 n/a 320
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Ladies Vest
Men’s Vest
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If you are asking yourself, have I followed all the necessary steps, here is your checklist:

1) ASA Membership Details Confirmation – signed.
If you have not already registered with ASA then please do that first.

2) Century City Athletic Club Indemnity Form  – signed
3) Proof of payment – Membership and ASA License – PAY TO CLUB
4) Proof of payment – Running Kit PAY TO CLUB

5) Juniors younger than 18 years – copy of your birth certificate (required by WPA)