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Next fortnight birthdays ....

Roumelia Shoniwa on Monday the 17th
Margie Richter on Tuesday the 18th
Anuskah Hahn on Tuesday the 18th
Funzani Ramudzuli on Wednesday the 19th
Justin Hewitt on Friday the 21st
Rue Adonis on Saturday the 22nd
BRIDGET de Freitas -Gough on Saturday the 22nd
Alley Yell on Monday the 24th
Mario Conterato on Tuesday the 25th
Carmelita Africa on Tuesday the 25th
Elsabe Oehley on Tuesday the 25th
Kendall Frost on Thursday the 27th
Lisa Vaudin on Friday the 28th
Stuart Walsh on Saturday the 29th

About us

We are situated in the scenic Century City area in Cape Town, Southern Africa.

Our training runs incorporate runs through the Century City precinct, on the walkways around Intaka Island.
Training runs take place every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

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