Frequent Questions

We do our best to answer all questions our supporters may have. Here are some common questions about our club:

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome. We have programs specific to new runners. Whether your goal is to improve your health, get outdoors more or take part in your first race… this is the club for you.

Everyone is welcome. Whether you are thinking of joining, or already belong to another club… everyone is welcome. If you are a little nervous as this is your first time, please send us a message via the website or on Facebook to let us know you will be joining. One of our Committee Members, will ensure that he or she is available to meet you and introduce you to fellow members.

Absolutely! We support and encourage runners of all fitness levels and speeds. Some of our members prefer the slow gentle trots whilst others prefer a more vigorous workout… all are welcome.

There are two ‘official’ club runs each week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
In Summer, we start at 18h00.
In Winter, we start at 17h45.

Our Tuesday club run is generally a 5km route along the Century City Canals.
On Thursday’s we run a longer 10km route but runners have the choice of taking earlier turns off of the route.

The first Tuesday of each month. As competitive as it sounds, its for our own enjoyment and self improvement. Anyone is welcome and new-comers are encouraged to join in! 🙂

Our runners can be seen running in and around the Century City area on a daily basis. Some of runners are on the road bright and early before the work day, whilst others prefer running in the evening. Send a message on of our groups and within no time, there will be a willing runner. We seem to struggle to turn down any opportunity to run 😉

Absolutely! We welcome all the support we can get. Our runners are the first to admit that supporting a run can be just as fun as taking part in the run. It can also be tremendously rewarding.

Absolutely! You had us at Marmite. All support is welcome. Whether helping to organise, making sandwiches, or just being there to encourage and support, we value everyone’s contribution.

Absolutely! Many of our members are experienced Comrades Runners and take on gruelling trails such as the UTCT or even triathlons such IronMan. Best of all, our members love to encourage others, share advice and experience, and offer any other help that might be necessary.

Challenge accepted! We have some superb runners and our team of juniors is a sight to behold. We encourage all runners to come down and join us… some of our members love a new challenge or a change of pace.

We pride ourselves in being a social and supportive club. This said, we respect our surroundings and those around us and this means sharing roads and paths with others. Whilst it can be disappointing to not have people reciprocate the same level of sportsmanship and respect for others, we continually want to encourage our members and those that join us to share our values.