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Situated in the beautiful Century City precinct.

The Century City Athletics Club, is situated in the scenic Century City area in Cape Town, South Africa. Our training runs incorporate runs through the Century City precinct, on the wooden walkways around Intaka Island. CCAC is a very close knit community club, dedicated to the sport of running. 

Highlights for 2018

  • Half way through
    Well into the years activities, we have just had our Team10 Qualify for 10KM events. Good luck to them all and job well done! Now for the next step.
  • Juniors X-Country
  • Comrades
    Comrades is the Ultimate race. Year on year our club attendance at this spectacular event has grown. 2018 promises to be the largest yet for us. Many members already committed while others desperately waiting for substitution opportunities. A definite bucket list event.

Run for your life, for the love of it....

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42nd Washie 100 Miler (Bertie, Doc, Julian)

Why is the marathon 42.2 KM?

The history dates back to the legend of Pheidippides, the Greek messenger who reportedly ran from the battlefield in Marathon to the capital city Athens, to report victory. However, that distance was actually only 40KM or 23.85 miles. The distance was changed to 42.195Km or 26 Miles and 385 yards so that the Royalty of the time could see both the start and the finish from Windsor Castle.

What is a recovery day?

While it is incredible that you want to run every single day, Recovery days or rest days are a vital part of your growth and training. Rest days are as important as training days.

How do I know when I am ready for a Marathon?

Leslie Branham, a USATF Level 1 running coach says, When your running life becomes your social life, you are ready for a marathon.

Race day fails to avoid.

  • Failing to plan your Logistics
  • Too fast, Too soon. Stick to the plan.
  • New foods. Training is for testing, not the race.
  • Empty Tank syndrome. Use your plan and eat well while running.
  • Insufficient lube - Vaseline - Pain is not a good friend on a long run.
  • FOMO the night before going out - no sleep or rest or alcohol.
  • Lack of Hydration and Electrolyte replacement
Trim nails, wear your tapes, stick to your routines, remember your training and what DID work.