Please take the time to read some of the testimonials below. You might find yourself in a similar position and reading these might help to inspire and encourage you.


Before I knew it

From my very first club run, I was made to feel welcome and part of the team and I couldn’t wait for the next club run. Within weeks I had run my fastest 5km and 10km. Within months my best 21km and 42km. Just 6 months later, I had successfully run my first Comrades Marathon.

All accomplishments that weren’t even on my radar and seemed out of reach, that was until I met the Century City runners. It was as a direct result of all their encouragement and support, support that filtered down from the very top, that allowed me to fall in love with the sport and improve my abilities.

A very special thank you to the Century City Athletics Club leadership and all the wonderful athletes that make up this special team! I’m honoured to be a member and run alongside all of you!

~ Alastair


It was immediate

Having decided to find a way to miss some of the manic evening traffic, a friend and I decided to go for a run at Century City. Luck would have it that when we arrived, the Century City Runners were getting ready for one of their club runs so we asked if we could join them.

They didn’t even hesitate to welcome us into the fold and we were met with smiles, shaking of hands and general encouragement – we immediately felt comfortable and were made to feel part of the group. What was a chance encounter is now something I look forward to each week… getting down to run with the Century City runners. I’ve had the privilege of being able to run with their young development runners… what a great bunch! I’m looking forward to all the runs to come both on the road and trail.

~ Damian


Weekend Warrior

I’ve always been sporty, whether it was touch rugby, cricket, golf or running… I’m up for most sporting activities.
I’ve run many a marathon or trail, but it was only when I decided to meet up with the Century City runners for their weekly club runs that I really started to have fun and the side effect was that my times just got better and better without much effort at all.

Being continually encouraged by this great bunch of runners, I’ve decided to take on my first Comrades in 2019 – something that I didn’t see myself doing before. The moment I let this news slip, plans were being made for us all to travel together, find somewhere to stay together… everyone is made to feel special and part of the team.
Thank you to all the boys and girls that make up this great club.

~ Stuart