As with previous years, CCAC will be participating in this years Comrades in spite of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Always respecting the rules and regulations.

The club will be hosting its own Comrades event in time with everyone else that is doing it.

Comrades is a charity initiative. Money they receive goes to valuable charities. Keeping the event alive bodes well for the future of Comrades and helps to support those charities that need it the most during this period

1921 Winner Bill Rowan

Whether you are doing the 90K or the 5K, being a part of this 100 year Comrades is special. Be a part of the next 100 Years.

Finishing the Comrades


The route takes us from The Spar shopping center to the Garage in Melkbos. Whether you are doing 5,10, 21, 42 or 90 the same route will apply. Anyone doing 21 or less can join anywhere along the route.

Our club is planning a run route that can incorporate everyone. The date is the 13th of June at 06h00.

We plan to start the day off at 6:00 AM with the long haulers. i.e. the 90Km and 45Km runners.

The 21Km, 10Km and 5Km runners are most welcome to join at any time of the day, follow the route and are needed to support the long haulers by joining them, running with them and keeping their spirits high.

The planned route takes us from the Spar in Century City (Sportsa) to Melkbos via Sanddrift, Sunset Beach, Tableview and Blouberg.

Info Popup.

Licenses are available  3rd Feb 2024

Note that Century City Athletics members will marshal this event and not run in it.
Marshals have their race on the Thursday night before the race,