Pinetown - 18Km

Pinetown Stop

Find the Pinetown point as you complete the decent from Cowies Hill. This point is just before a large waterpoint SANTACO. At this stage you are about to climb Fields hill. Great time to refuel. You have only done 18Km at this stage.

Great time to check your times and pace, stick to your plan. You will feel good here, don’t push it yet.

There is a cutoff point, so its good to see where you are relative to the cutoff.

Prepare your feet, make sure you are ready for a slow steady climb. Listen to the Zulu Warriors as they climb this giant of a hill ahead.

This stop is manned by the Vlocity Team. Look out for the Vlocity T-Shirts. Here Bongs will meet you with a huge smile.


Hillcrest - 34 KM

This is the real climbing section of Comrades. You will start with Botha’s hill and climb all the way to Drummond and Inchanga.

Time for some serious fueling. Slow and steady gets you to the top. Probably the best section of the Comrades. Wall of honor, Arthurs seat, The mighty Inchanga, Kearsney College.

This stop is just after the intersection of Kassier Rd, on the left hand side under a large tree. I will be there in person together with Attie and anyone else wanting to join us.

Cato Ridge - 57 Km

You have completed the major hills.
Only Polly Shorts to go. Don’t be fooled by Little Pollies 

However, it is now time to take care of those blisters, and get some gees injection as Harrison Flats is the boring part of the route. If you can change socks, this is the spot to do it, it will feel fantastic. Get your head right here for the next phase. It’s Long and boring get your chat buddy together and heads down and mow on.

This Stop is just before you see the hiway. We will be on the Left Hand Side as you go down.

Watchout for this cutoff. Keep track, or ask someone, make sure you beat this cutoff.